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The Last Mining Village


We had a great show in the Dock last night The Last Mining Village, Agrina by the talented Brian Leyden  The show  featured Brian’s writing from his books along with music  and songs written by Colin Beggan with great playing and songs from Brendan Marren and Sven Paetz Bazouki, a backdrop of photos of the mines and the area  was provided by ourselves from the 1980s and from present day. Edwina Guckian danced  in true Agrina style to a selection of tune and showed video footage from her new DVD. We all enjoyed performing and I think everyone had a great night of memories and special moments, thanks to all in the Dock for their help, the show was booked out again with a waiting list !!!! good luck to all in The Agrina Mining Experience for their 25th anniversary.

Clodagh Gallagher and Kevin Carrabin

There is something extra special about a wedding when the couple have travelled home from abroad for their ceremony and May 29th was definitely one of those days. A special sprinkling of magic fairy dust shone through in the wedding photography.

Clodagh and Kevin really brought their lives, from opposite side of the globe, together with amazing details that kept popping up throughout the day in their wedding photos. A dress that travelled far and looked absolutely stunning, with a beaded neckline over pleated bodice and the soft chiffon sweeping in diagonal pleats to throw out the bottom of the skirt. A fabulous shape with the beading echoed again cheekily on one hip. Australia leads the world with their wedding dress design. David caught wonderful moments at Clodagh’s home place, dad just checking his speech, three bridesmaids getting into an Mk III Escort and family photos with the sweeping backdrop of Benbulben and Glencar Valley beyond. Stone walls and lambs frolicking as passing clouds patterned the fields with dancing sunlight and capturing a Sligo landscape to keep memories of home treasured in wedding photographs.

Kevin had another love of his life with him at the Church in Grange. Having shipped home his immaculate Mk II Escort it was put to good use getting him to the church on time. The skies were that wonderful blue that you only really get within a mile of the Atlantic Ocean, as family and guest gathered for Clodagh and Kevin’s ceremony. The personal touches for the day were evident in the church with cute details adding to the floral displays. Wonderful to photograph these details add wonderful individuality and personal touch to wedding albums. One of our favourites on the day was a tiered cake stand of the prettiest lacy cupcake holders full of flowers and a lucky horse shoe to top it all off.

Vintage past and vintage present conveyed the wedding party out to Hazelwood demesne. Clodagh and Kevin enjoyed the comforts of a cool, 1930’s styled Ford Regent for while the guys and girls had all the fun of the two Mk II Ford Escorts from the 1970’s. Brilliant wedding car photography as the three cars were backed up towards the shores of Lough Gill. The curving, soft pebble beach at Hazelwood with grassed area overhung by mature hardwood trees is a delightful location for wedding photographs. It offers views out over Lough Gill and an ever changing collection of wildfowl. The late afternoon sun falls across the shore from the west affording shadow if need and dappled light to play with. With easy access for and from cars it makes a great choice for wedding party photography and even a picnic if time.

The iconic Red Sails greeted Clodagh and Kevin to the Radisson Blu Sligo. Soon Clodagh and Kevin were mingling with their guests and enjoying the fun of the day. David kept busy with social and personal photos of the proceedings until The Radisson staff rang the bell for dinner. There is still time for special photos of just the bride and groom and at the Radisson it was very special to finish the day of photography with a similar but a little more distant view of Belbulben beyond.


Wedding Photographer: David Knight

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Emily Cheevers and Abs Elkholti

It is not that often that we get to say ‘It was a perfect day for a wedding’ but the 23rd of May 2015 was definitely one of those days. Deep blue skies welcomed  photographer Jim Schofield to Luttrellstown Castle. This is probably the finest of the original Guinness estates still complete and in private ownership in the Dublin region. With thought of towers and turrets to play with Jim made his way in to meet with Emily as the ladies enjoyed a morning of luxurious preparation. Beautiful rooms in elegant shades all with a magical touch of gilded splendour created a stunning start to the day of wedding photography.

Emily’s dress with a bodice of deep cut lace over skirts of silk organza was the perfect dress for her castle surroundings. Her three bridesmaids and flower girl escorted Emily and her father across the terrace to where the ceremony was held under stunning vaulted ceilings. Lavender lined the aisle that led to an arch of white orchids and hydrangea under which Emily and Abs participated in a wonderful ribbon tying ceremony. The arch would later also be a delightful place for more wedding photos of the couple as their guests retired to the south terraces to get the celebrations underway.

But first Emily and Abs joined Jim to explore the incredible photo opportunities that Luttrellstown Castle has to offer. Those turrets and towers with stone staircases and even a fairy-tale wrought iron staircase spiralling its way up  to secret rooms and romantic hideaways. Wedding photography that hit the high notes of a fashion shoot a while also capturing memorable moments strolling across distant lawns and hidden gardens.

The traditional wedding photo with the cake became extra special as the cake was created like a birdcage with elegance that matched the splendour of the reception room where Emily and Abs’s guest soon gathered for the celebratory dinner. But with still time to mingle with guests and family under the warm skies the lawns and terraces of the castle came into their own and the fun the children had was captured forever in the wedding photography.

A fabulous day at a fabulous location.

Wedding Photographer: Jim Schofield

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Caolann O’Flynn and Donal Scollan

Our own village of Cootehall was the focus of all the action on the morning of 22nd May 2015. Laughter rang along the road between Caolann and Donal’s home, Henry’s bar and the church between. The ladies: Caolann, her daughters, sisters and mother creating a wonderful buzz as each got ready for the day ahead.  The gold satin sash on Caolann’s lace gown matched the gold brocade of her daughters dresses which were matched by their gold ‘Mary Janes’, gorgeous, adding soft glowing tones to the  wedding photographs.

Donal and the guys checked out the church before risking a quick tipple in Henry’s. David made it back to the house for Caolann’s family wedding photos before she made a very short journey to the church in a vintage Rolls Royce. Caolann made a spectacular entrance with eight in her bridal party as they made their way up the aisle to join Donal. Fr Brian Conlon always has the warmest of welcomes and Caolann and Donal’s ceremony was soon underway. Warm weather and gentle skies allowed for family group wedding photos to be taken outside the church before the wedding party made their way to our very favourite photography location.

The Bluebell Wood at Oakport, for three weeks of the year, becomes a magical carpet deep in a haze of blue with tall trunks of beech leading up to a dancing canopy of verdant foliage. The softness of the forest floor contrasts with the rigid strength of the verticals while dappled light scatters through to catch the wedding party as they wander along the narrow pathways. All Wedding photography in this stunning location which comes around just once a year is always a thrill. The wedding photographs of Caolann, Donal and their three children in this fabulous sylvan setting will make for memorable wedding album design. With Lough Rynn and the terraced wall gardens still on the wish list the bluebells were left behind. The limestone steps and strong structural design of the walled gardens offered incredible contrast for more wedding photos. Always so much to choose from at Lough Rynn but guests were waiting for the wedding party to join them in the baronial hall.

A wonderful day in every way.


Wedding Photographer: David Knight

Please wait a few moments to view the slideshow from Caolann and Donal’s wedding or alternatively please clicks the thumbnails to view individual pictures